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Letter From Jack

Letter From Jack

This felt like the longest winter of my life (and certainly the most brutal). It wasn't until mid-April that we were saved by Spring, and even then it seemed as if one last snowstorm was going to pop out of nowhere again. But just like that, we stopped looking over our shoulders and spring flew by. It's officially summer. Hopefully that doesn't fly by as fast, although we all know it will.  

The last issue was a special edition for London and was the biggest issue yet (over 20 interviews - I can still hardly believe it myself). Since then, I spent much of these past six months finishing my last semester at college, getting ready to graduate, and actually doing so. 

During this time, I have been gathering the best images from the community that I've seen since December and have compiled them together by themes for the galleries in this issue. I also have had great conversations with several photographers featured, and there are some good pieces written by folks on their own, too. The featured guests alone span across U.S. states and countries, not to mention all the places covered in the gallery images. 

I take pride in Ludique being such an international showcase, along with how naturally that happens. With technology, LQ is able to communicate visuals and tales around the globe in the matter of seconds. And as we all make our way through sometimes rough seasons, and rejoice at the experience of better ones, we are able to share this together. The connection already exists, Ludique just provides a visual home for it. 

I hope Ludique is a convenient and comfortable way to look at the world through this community's unique lenses. Opertations may not be working as fast lately, but Ludique is still dedicated to bringing you only high-quality content. And hopefully that pace can accelerate again soon. Thanks for sticking with LQ. 

Written by The Head of Ludique, Jack Sommer

Kevin De Los Santos