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Scottish Seabird Centre

The Scottish Seabird Centre is a phenomenal showcase of sea wildlife located in North Berwick, Scotland. The centre is a habitat for seabirds of all kinds. One rock off the coast of North Berwick, Bass Rock, is home to roughly 150,000 of a certain species called the gannet. Another massive rock, Cragleith, is home to a large number of a different species of seabird, the puffin. A short boat ride leaving from the centre takes you deep into the mist of the North Sea on an exciting tour of the populated rocks. Solar-powered cameras have been set up on a number of the inhabited rocks so that the wild birds can be observed at all times. The centre located on the shore is popular with tourists and those excited to learn about the huge number of unique birds thriving so strongly. The seabird habitat is truly a spectacular natural occurrence. Nothing short of a marvel of nature.

Words by Adam Schultz, August 2013

Jack Sommer