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Stasha's Moment - Exploring Utah

Stasha's Moment - Exploring Utah

I was building a fire with my son at our campsite in Utah when our neighbor passed by to say hello. 

After introductions and pleasantries, the man admitted he felt compelled

to check on us and see if he could help. We woke up to over a foot of snow earlier that day and we were expecting another storm so he invited us to stay with his family in their giant trailer parked next to our tent. After we politely declined he said to me: ' You are a brave woman, traveling across the country with your son and dogs all alone.'

Surely meant as a compliment but I nevertheless found it odd. I had set out a few days earlier on a road trip with my boys to celebrate my six year old's first spring break. My husband had to travel for work so he could not join us and our dogs came along because, unlike fish, you cannot leave them home with an automatic feeder. That was the whole story. No heroic adventures

of superwoman surviving in the wilderness or a mom with an “anything you can do I can do better” attitude.We wanted to see a big canyon so we drove down south until we found one we liked, which we then explored. Along the way we met some keen folks, my son made friends, my dogs swam in a salt lake, we got snowed on, we climbed sand dunes, saw a whole lotta arches and bought an overpriced cowboy hat. All and all, a fairly typical family vacation.

We all expose our children to familiar things we are good at and feel comfortable teaching. There is no bravery in bringing up children, just love. Parents all over the world, every single day, insure that their children thrive and learn so that one day they too find their own

happiness and calling. I used to travel for a living so exploring the world with my family comes more naturally than crafting at the table or doing science experiments. 

Truth be told, if the neighbor offered us dinner instead of shelter this whole story would

have been different. Just because I know how to build a perfect campfire doesn't mean I can actually cook something edible on it. And I am brave enough to admit that.

words and photo by Stasha Becker

Kevin De Los Santos