Emmanuel Cole

Emmanuel Cole 

How did you get started in photography?

I started taking pictures in 2010 when my uncle bought me a DSLR for my 20th birthday. 

What role has your iPhone and Instagram played in it?

The iPhone and Instagram have heavily influenced my photography, if it wasn’t for Instagram pushing my development and helping me learn many aspect about photography I could have never progressed so fast. 

How has London influenced your perspective? 

London being a fast-paced city has influenced my street/urban approach to photography. I’m sure if I grew up on the countryside my whole approach to photography would be different. 

What are you inspired by? 

I’m mainly inspired by people and people who are passionate tend to inspire me the most, whatever it is that person may do. 

What are some of your favorite shots? 

My favorite photos taken are definitely my Freedom Tunnel shots taken in Harlem, NY, and my foggy series through London. 

What do you like about shooting in wide angle compared to tighter shots? 

I love wide-angle photography because I feel like it helps to tell a story through the image and helps me to produce the cinematic feel that I strive to produce in many of my images. 

What kind of process is shooting portraits for you and how does it feel compared to your other work? 

Shooting portrait allows me to use my people skills, which in turn helps to produce a certain image. I love people and accept that we are all very different. So portraits are a way for me to share the connections I've formed with various people.

What role do you feel editing plays in your process? 

Editing is a very important process for me as I tend to keep my approach towards it very consistent. It’s also very therapeutic for me and allows me to deeply connect with each of my images.  

How do you find the balance between DSLR and iPhone? 

I love iPhone photography, however the power I gain through my SLR really allows me to create art the way I love to -- so my iPhone tends to take a backseat these days.    

What made you want to start the Striding Through London page and tag? 

Stridingthroughlondon was a way of promoting cinematic photography, especially in a very overcrowded city like London. The challenge is finding a loner strider surrounded by all of this city. 

Interview by Jack Sommer

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