What is your favorite neighborhood in London (in general and/or to shoot)?

I don’t really have a favorite neighborhood in London, each area has its own unique quality. I’m usually inspired by something in particular, and then I’ll go explore an area based off that energy. Recently, I’ve been exploring west London, as my family’s previous business was ran there. I remember being stuck in the shop for most of my teenage life, and I despised it. I always thought to myself, ‘there must be more to life than waiting for customers to come and get their spring rolls’. I just enjoy experiencing spontaneous moments when I go shoot.

When did you first start taking photos?

On my ‘About’ section of my website, there’s a picture of me taking a photo of me and my older brother through a mirror; I guess that was the first recorded moment of me using a camera. I owned my first camera at 16, it was a birthday present. I can still remember that feeling of how much I wanted a camera. Now it’s seven years later, and I’m still going strong. #Startedfromthebottomnowwehere 


Do you think your style is a reflection of your environment? In the sense that you take a lot of photos around the city in London, but if you were to move to (or just visit) somewhere else less urban-like, how do you think your style would shift? How would you describe your style in 1-3 key words?

Yeah, very much so. I think my style is also a reflection of my life experiences, as well as my personality. I take photos around the city because the vastness of London provides such different encounters every time I go explore. I’m lucky to live in London— there’s so many different vibes to pick up on in this city. If I were to move or visit elsewhere, I reckon I would try to gel my style with the environment, but my execution would be the same. Getting out of my comfort zone is somehow enigmatic, but also thrilling. 

I’d say my style is closely linked to my personality. As a person, I’m subtle, spontaneous, and adventurous. 

Would you say you prefer shooting people or places more?

I like them both. I studied Interior Architecture at university, so buildings have always been fascinating to me. But it’s the people that make the place; without people, you wouldn't have streets or architecture. Having people in places gives a sense of scale and expression in my work.

What do you think is the most underrated aspect about London as a city?

I reckon the lifestyle in London is the most underrated aspect. Most people who don’t live in London would likely move here in a heartbeat, but if you asked a Londoner about living in this city, they would probably talk about how much they want to move out of here. There’s such a love/hate relationship with this city, and an aspect of a silver lining when it comes to the grind. Some people are living off pot noodles in their box room in order to chase their dreams. On the other end of the spectrum, some are having Michelin-Star restaurant meals, thinking about which nightclub they should go to next. Either way, they are both enjoying the lifestyle of London respectively.

Where do you want to take your work in the future?

Ideally, it’d be amazing to make a living out of it. I don’t think that a nine-to-five life is sustainable for this day and age. We live in a time where the world never sleeps, and yet most of us are trapped in an office staring at a screen. My end goal is to be in a place where I can create freely and shed a light on my surroundings. I do want people to see my work and notice the effort I’ve put in to enhance society, and I do hope this would inspire the next generation to give back. 

Interview by Jack Sommer

Kevin De Los Santos