Stefano Radaelli in Milan & Stockholm

Stefano Radaelli in Milan & Stockholm

Who are you? 

Hey! I'm Stefano Radaelli, 22 years old, from Milan, Italy. I'm currently studying statistics in the last year of my bachelor’s degree. 

You are studying statistics but if you could have a career in photography instead, would you prefer that? Or would you rather that it remains a hobby? 

For the moment, I would prefer to pursue my studies in this field, but maybe in the future. Who can know! 

When and how did you first get started in photography? 

I have always loved photography, since I was a child. My dad loves photography, too, so I started to use his camera at the age of 14. 

When did you join Instagram and how has it affected you / your work? 

I started to use Instagram around four years ago. At the beginning, I usually uploaded random pictures of my daily life. Two years ago, I started to focus on taking better pictures with my iPhone and editing them. Actually, Instagram is just a hobby for me, but I like to spend time taking good pictures to share there.

What camera(s) do you shoot with? 

I usually take picture with a Reflex Canon 1000D, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, or with my iPhone 5S. 

How does shooting with each of those three cameras affect how you shoot an image? 

I prefer to shoot instant pictures with my iPhone of architecture when I am around the city. I love to use my Canon during my travels, particularly for landscapes and nature. I think GoPro is the best one for a journey with friends, or to shoot a video while I am walking. 

Do you have any favorite images that you’ve taken? 

I love the photos I usually takes around my city, Milan, and my favorite ones are from some nice places around there. Other favorite pictures are the ones I took in India and Nepal last summer. 

What was it about India and Nepal that made you enjoy so much shooting there? 

India and Nepal are both amazing countries. In India, I love the symmetries of each building

and the people in general. Shooting there is really captivating and inspiring. Nepal is the best place to take pics of nature and its greatness!

How have Milan and Stockholm each had an impact on you / your work? 

Milan is a very nice city, with a lot of modern buildings but also ancient palaces and facades, which are great for photography.  Stockholm also is a great place for taking pictures (I spent there six months for my exchange) and I loved the architecture and the presence of the sea ( I would love to live in a city with the sea). They are really different but I will love them forever.   

What made you decide to go to Stockholm for your exchange program? How did it change your perspective in general? 

I decided to go to Stockholm because I had never been in Sweden before and I wanted to discover a new culture and new habits. They live really differently from Italy, but I feel close to their way of living. By the way, Stockholm is one of the best cities in

Europe, so I recommend everyone to visit! It was my first experience of living alone and it was great. Now I can't wait to discover a new country and live there for a while.

What catches your eye for a shot? What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? 

Usually, I try to focus on symmetry in my pictures because I have a very geometric vision and eye (I study statistics haha!). But sometimes I love to catch an instant, a particular moment, without any order or symmetry in the photo. As you can notice from my gallery, I mostly prefer to shoot buildings and architecture, catching contrast, or unusual details. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

I find inspiration from other good photographers on Instagram or attending some photo exhibitions in Milan. Every experience is inspiring in my daily life.

Are there any photo exhibitions in Milan that you’ve seen that have been particularly memorable? 

I loved the exhibition of Henry Cartier Bresson here in Milan, in particular the black and white pictures of Paris! 

Who are your favorite photographers? 

My favorite photographer is Steve McCurry: I would love to travel like he does and I love the composition of his shots, with brilliant colors and unusual contrast!

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