Will Cornfield

Will Cornfield

Your photos are always so well lit, with natural light, that it almost looks like you're using professional light, what's the process on you shooting or finding these shots?

I'm never really looking for the shot. I just love capturing moments. So it's not about going out to find the best light, but just being patient and waiting for it to appear. I haven't gone out looking for great shots in a long time, and I've found that just being patient and waiting for the right moment suits me better.

When looking through your gallery, one could see that you capture bodies of water wonderfully. What is it about them? What attracts you to them?

I've never really thought about it. I guess I'm just attracted to the adventure. Finding new places to explore. That generally consists of finding huge waterfalls to visit. There are a ton of beautiful gorges, lakes, and waterfalls in Upstate, NY, which makes it one of the go to adventures.


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Would you call yourself more of an explorer or a wanderer? 

I've been both. I've always been more of an explorer. Exploring places that have already been found and finding ways to get there, but recently I've found myself wandering more. After a few years of exploring, going back to the same places gets a bit boring. Wandering changes it up. I've found new spots and places and have more memories from wandering. I guess it's really just something I've learned. Wandering makes the time I spend doing it more about the moment and less about the destination. It sounds a little cheesy, but I guess that's just what I've learned from experience.

What’s your favorite way to eat corn and/or favorite corn dish?

Haha well my real name is Mark William Cornfield. I just go by Will. Also I live in Corning, NY. So that confuses people. But my favorite way to eat corn would have to be corn on the cob off the grill. Mmmm so good. 

It comes off as humor at first glance, But are you actually in a band? For those who don’t know, it says that in your bio right now. If so, tell us something about it. (could be the name or what type of music you guys play). If not, where does the caption come from?

Haha I change my bio every week or two. I am not in a band currently. Working on a few projects and some people might call it a band but it's not yet. I just try to keep my bio funny and not super serious. Instagram isn't supposed to be serious. It should be fun.

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Interview by Kevin De Los Santos



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