Jack Sommer

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the publication. Sommer is a photographer himself but very much enjoys spreading the work of other people, which Ludique certainly promotes. He was born and raised in New York City and lived surrounded by mountains for college. The idea for the publication came to him while he was home for Thanksgiving break during November of 2012. He was reading some "professional" photography magazines on the Sunday morning before heading back to school, and the idea hit him to do one around mobile photography and focusing on the community he had found through Instagram. That very day, on the train back to school, he wrote out the first business plan. Two months later, the first issue of Ludique launched at the end of January (on 1.31.13). Since then, it's been an interesting journey in running a magazine while dealing with school, studying abroad, and figuring out life after graduation. The good news is that it has kept going. Sommer handles the majority of all duties relating to the magazine. This includes designing, reach out, interviewing, creative direction, and whatever else needs to be handled. 


Kevin De Los Santos

Whether consulting on the direction to go on a certain aspect of the magazine or doing interviews himself, Santos helps out with various elements of Ludique to help it keep moving. He's been part of the team since the beginning and has always remained as such. Santos is also known to handle all of the articles and posts regarding Sports, covering everything from the MLB Playoffs to going to Football games in New Jersey. 

You may also notice him from the different lookbooks that Sommer and he shot for the magazine during Spring and Fall 2015. He also does occasional video content for LQ.


Ludique is a French word that means playful, and that’s really the message behind it for us: have fun with photography. Don't do it for the likes, but because you enjoy it. Originally we focused only on mobile photography, which we have no regrets about - to us, it was important to show that side of photography and focus only on it for a while. Now, while mobile is still a big part of the photography featured, we have also expanded to including other mediums of photography, too. At the end of the day we're more focused on just celebrating photographers and individuals telling great stories. Besides the interviews we do with all these folks, you might catch us cover everything from hiking in Switzerland to catching a double header at Wrigley Field. 

The photography covered in most magazines is so serious. It's all about the technical information and the work featured often has no soul or life in the images. Part of our goal was to also break this mold and make sure that our publication was playful, approachable, and diverse. We wanted even non-photographers to be able to read it and still enjoy it. No matter if you're starting out on an iPhone or have been shooting with a DSLR for years, we make no judgements. It's all about a community dedicated to shooting great images and having a blast while doing so.


Stasha Becker

Two giant dogs and a son are what you tend to find the most in this mom's photos. While she is known for capturing them in the Northwest, currently you'll find them all living in Tokyo.


Dolly Brown

You'll be hard pressed to find someone as enthusiastic and dedicated to seeking out the latest and greatest exhibitions in London - not to mention documenting her love of dance. 


Eddie Guerra

Our current resident car enthusiast and "Classic Whips" column writer. Known for spotting the illest cars around his dwelling grounds of Austin, Texas.


Mike Janik

A contributor who is obsessed with film, design, and hip hop. Recently, Janik also started a zine during this past Spring, called The Toronto Times, around his personal work.