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In our first ever cover story, we share the work of Kelia and talk about her feelings on finishing school, her new series Theory of The Young-Girl, and more.

A photography publication about the people, not the gear or the professionals.

You won't find the latest camera reviews here, but you will find conversations with photographers from across the world. 


We've talked with around 100 photographers since we started the publication a few years ago. You can go back and read through all of them in our dedicated section for these conversations. New ones are added monthly to the top of the section. 


Take a look back through our history from 2013 to now, looking at the design and content range of changes we've made each year. We've done a lot of experimenting and whether you've been around since the beginning or just finding us now, it's fun to look at either way. 


The magazine started off as a way to showcase people taking great pictures on their iPhones and highlighting all the amazing photographers we saw from the Instagram community. Some had been taking photos casually before and were fired up by the new chance to share, but some had never even given it any thought and found a passion. Whether this is a student in Italy or a mother in Tennessee or a dentist in Brazil, our goal is just to show people from all ages who have a passion for capturing moments.

Over three years after starting the magazine, we still don't feel that enough of these photographers are given the proper shine. Throughout this time, we have gone through different formats and styles. Before the current site version, we were putting content out as issues. Recently, we decided to have the site become more of just one big collection. We also allow more than just iPhone photos now as it's always been more about people than formatting for us anyway. We want to show you the people behind their cameras, and their personalities, but still show their work too.


How It All Started

It all began in a college dorm room in January 2013. While founder Jack Sommer was at school in New Paltz, New York, he launched the first issue with the initial team on 1.31.13. Sommer had gotten the idea for the publication a couple months earlier while home for Thanksgiving break. He was reading a professional photography magazine and thought about how there wasn't something like this for the people he was meeting on Instagram. As the Mission Statement explains, the goal was to create a space for those folks and tell their stories. To do it in a casual but cohesive way. Fun and informative. So many photography publications focus so much on just the latest cameras and lens specs, but the craft and images are about more than that. Sommer and Kevin De Los Santos are the two remaining original team members who work on the magazine - along with contributors from around the world. 


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Photography on page credited as follows:    Kelia Anne Maccluskey (top), Billie Bones (interviews), Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass (articles), Shannon Stewart and Gini Rhee (mission), Ludique (history), Jon Paul Douglass (bottom)

Photography on page credited as follows:

Kelia Anne Maccluskey (top), Billie Bones (interviews), Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass (articles), Shannon Stewart and Gini Rhee (mission), Ludique (history), Jon Paul Douglass (bottom)

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