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Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

In every person’s life, there's always something that, through living, you become accustomed to. Over time, it may even lose its personal value. This isn't because that specific element is no longer important, but because you're just so familiar with it. For me, that was where I've grown up. 

I'm a Texas native, born and raised. Houston is where I call home. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to change my scene for a few days and head to West Texas. My siblings, my best pals,

and I went on a three-day whirlwind of a trip across Texas. It's incredible to see the vastness and diversity that is Texas.

Our first stop was in Monohans. I had no idea that there were sand dunes anywhere close to me (9 hours is close enough), so when I found out, I had to go. While there, I shot a lookbook for a company called

Coast To Coast Vintage. We had the pleasure of meeting the owners, Jaimee Dormer and Adam Lodynsky, last year when they brought their mobile vintage store to Houston. For anyone in Texas who would love to see a mini scale of the Sahara desert, go to Monohans and camp out. 

Next day, we headed to Marfa, Texas. We had heard so much about it and were thrilled to have been able to go. On the way, we stopped at a natural spring for a swim. All around the spring were distant mountains and hills. Beauty.

In Marfa, we stayed at El Cosmico and I recommend it to anybody and everyone. My highlight of that night was dancing under the open night sky to M83, making the most delicious quesadillas, and crashing a wedding. 

Without dragging this on too long, all in all, it was the most incredible trip. It renewed my love for Texas and It made me excited about life. Explore where you live, appreciate what's around you, and never lose your wonder.

words and photo by Hannah Anderson

Kevin De Los Santos