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Left Coastin: SF Edition

Left Coastin: SF Edition

Immediately off the plane, my mind entered the West Coast filled with peace and tranquil vibrations. This is the place I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about and the vacation couldn’t have come at a better

time. I needed a change of scenery, fresh air and new sights. San Francisco or “The Bay” as it’s often referred to, was a pleasant retreat. 

The weather, on average, stayed around the 70s, with happier people walking with vibrant smiles on their faces that almost became contagious. The steep hills almost alter your walk even when you’re on flat land and the breeze helps refresh your thoughts. This is all a part of the city.

The first thing that I noticed about San Francisco was how progressive of a place it is, everyone seemed to be in shape and/or exercising, walking their dog and moving within their own convenience. Not to mention, they charge 10 cents for additional plastic bags, all for good eco-friendly purposes. 

As far as eats, SF does justice. Every place I ate at, I was pretty impressed with the food. Even the lesser known spots are better than what I’m used to here in NYC. But since we’re on the food topic, I must declare

to all my East Coast friends: In-N-Out isn’t as glorious as some make it out to be (we’ve still got the best burger spot on our coast in Five Guys).

Kevin De Los Santos