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Wlad, A Brazilian Dentist

Wlad, A Brazilian Dentist

Name: Wladmir
Family Name: Dal Bó 

Username: @wlad
Age: 39 

City: Florianopolis
Country: Brazil

My name is Wladmir and I am a dentist and have a clinic. Besides that I’m a neuroscientist and professor. I have always liked art, especially photography,but I never thought of following a professional course before

I started with Instagram. Until three years ago, I painted large canvases as a hobby, but because of my intense professional life I had to take a break on the artistic side. A friend introduced me to Instagram at a party and I liked it so

much so I began to post personal photos and landscapes. Later, since I missed making art, I started to make art on my phone, downloading photo-editing apps. Today, I merge photos with artistic landscapes, always trying to generate a feeling through them.

Moreover, i had the opportunity to have some of my photos in books, TV shows and magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue.

I am also one of the @igersoftheday moderators and creator of @skull_portraits, and my art can be seen on this website, where the principal focus is the mobile art.

words and photo by Wladimir himself

Kevin De Los Santos