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Note From A King

Note From A King

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to become a Suggest User on Instagram not only once, but twice. It was exciting and a bit weird at the same time. I was and still am more than grateful to have had the opportunity to have thousands (yes, thousands) of people exposed to my work. 

However, my creativity shifted and I would wonder and deeply think about what to put up next. Sure, posting photos on Instagram for some us is a strategic process. I found myself overthinking about how to present myself and I also became concerned about how others would receive my work. The overload of attention also made me feel awkward. It's nice to be seen but it’s also nice to be in the shadows at the same time. (Is that possible?) 

At this moment, all the pressure that I received from this privilege has now disappeared for the most part. The only thing I do miss is the intimacy I had with Instagram users. There are plenty of comments I miss due to the overload of likes and adds, but I still take the time out to search for people and good work. Because, it's out there. 

45K followers and I can still manage to hide myself in order to preserve my creativity.

words and photo by King Texas

Kevin De Los Santos