Hansel Gonzalez

Hansel Gonzalez

What catches your eye for a shot?

I'd say I'm eternally drawn to symmetry (even outside of photography). Perceiving the shot is an experience, finding the alignment and the distribution of the subject(s) is the real reward. 

You shoot a varied mix of black-and-white and color. Do you have a preference? What makes you decide which way a shot is going to go?

I really do prefer monotones. The more dramatic the shot, the more I gravitate towards black-and-white. 

How would you describe your style?

I am surely influenced by many. I strive for quiet sensationalism. A touch of simplicity with contrast overload. 


You are a Dentist. What would you say is something people don’t realize about being in that profession?

A dentist is as good as his pain management and verbal skills. Everything after that is a walk in the park. 

Best thing about Miami?


How long have you been playing golf?

I've been playing golf since 2006. Didn't quite invest in it until I moved to South Florida in late 2012. 

Favorite beverage?


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