Jerome Canlas

Jerome Canlas

How did you get started in photography?

Photography was a by-product of another one of my interests -- technology. I’ve always been a bit of tech geek, from large-scale engineering to everyday consumer products. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the design and thought put into how things work. There was a sudden boom in the 2000s when everyone was trying to make everything as small as possible, and these really tiny, credit-card-sized point-and-shoot digital cameras starting cropping up. Some of the higher-end cameras were capable of capturing some really nice stuff, and

this is what really got me thinking, “How do these things work?” I bought myself a decent little compact and went from there, but through its capabilities and limitations I quickly learned the principles of cameras and photography. 

What role has your iPhone and Instagram played in it?

Pre-iPhone, I would go out and shoot, edit my photos and generally just keep them, maybe get a few printed or share on Facebook. With Instagram, the community aspect adds a whole new perspective to photography, fostering a culture of creativity and exploration. Now, I can browse instagram to find otherphotographers and be inspired to challenge my own photography

-- it has even become my favorite way to explore new cities, meeting up with local instagrammers. The iPhone makes finding and sharing content super-easy, and the quality of the camera makes it really convenient and enjoyable to shoot with. But above all, I can now go meet up with other photographers, share ideas and create some cool stuff. My iPhone and Instagram have essentially turned what was a relatively niche and solo pursuit into something where I can connect with others and share a common appreciation. A proper “social” media. 

How has London influenced your perspective? 

The Instagram community in London is strong -- there is never a shortage of photographers wanting to go shoot, all with different experiences, techniques and styles, so it is difficult not to teach and be taught something new on each shoot. And London itself is a great mix of old and new. This makes it really easy to mix up styles and subject matter, and really experiment with my shots. 

Where are your favorite places to go in London? 

Barbican Estate is probably my favorite place in London. I’m a huge fan of the brutal architecture and it’s also great for people watching and in the summer, the light creates some neat shadows. A visit to the Arts Centre is always a good trip for some inspiration. The same can be said of South Bank. Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill get honorable mentions, but Holland Park is my favorite green space and the nearby Leighton House Museum is just beautiful. I could go on… 

What are you inspired by? 

People, their stories and experiences.

What are some of your favorite shots you’ve taken? 

I’m a bit of an instagram “purist” when it comes to my favorite shots - I tend to favor captured moments, or when there’s a real story behind the shot. 

How has the 365 project you’ve been doing impacted your work? 

For this project, I imposed on myself the rules that I must take, edit and post a photo every day for year. I started on 11th March 2014, my first day as a 30-year-old. It’s been a blessing and a curse to try and find those interesting moments or things to capture, but when it’s complete it’ll be a great document of the past year -- particularly as I’ve got some exciting things coming up that will hugely influence my feed.


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