Johnathan Crawley

Johnathan Crawley

How did you get started in photography?

I've always loved taking photos, but I guess I didn't really get properly started until I did a photography and Spanish course in Costa Rica a few years ago. I had an awesome tutor who really helped train my eye, as well as get the most out of my camera. Surrounded by such a beautiful landscape and warm local population, I couldn't help but get hooked and I've not looked back since! The place was called The School of the World -- if anyone's interested, I highly recommend it! 

What role has your iPhone and Instagram played in it?

With the exception of the odd night shot, my Instagram account has always been iPhone only. I love the convenience of mobile photography and the fact that you're able to react on the spur of the moment when something catches your eye (else you may lose your chance). The square grid on Instagram took a while to get used to, as it affects the way you look at composing a shot or achieving real sense of depth, but with enough practice it's amazing what you can achieve with yourphone! Instagram has had a huge influence on my photography

-- I've drawn an awful lot of inspiration from the people I follow and have met through the app. It really is a social media network that works. The Instagram community is incredible and I've been lucky enough to meet and hang out with some truly awesome igers, both in London and when I've traveled. You can learn an awful lot by seeing how others approach or capture something you've also noticed. I wouldn't be without it!

How has London influenced your perspective? 

London is a heady mix of old and new, a cultural melting pot that's always changing. There's a large and fantastic Instagram community here and the challenge is always to find something new or to create a different way of looking at something that people see here everyday. We're lucky enough to be surrounded by iconic historic structures, new and ambitious architecture and a thriving arts scene. There's always something going on! 

Where are your favorite places to go in London? 

There are many! I love taking a stroll through the Royal Parks down to Westminster to catch a glimpse of Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament. A wander along the bustling market in Portobello Road never fails to provide a photo opportunity or two. East London is great for cutting-edge fashion and street art. More London and The Shard provide a balance of the sharp-lined new against

the historic City just over the Thames. The Royal Naval College at Greenwich has ample to offer and if you throw in the Natural History Museum and Tate Galleries there really is a lot to see and keep you occupied!

What are you inspired by? 

People mostly, those I've met and interacted with, those whom perhaps I haven't, but catch my eye. No two of us are the same and everyone has something slightly different to bring to the party. Portraiture is something I've always been

interested in and am continuing to explore. Put people in an interesting setting, their setting, with some great shards of light and I'm more than happy! 

What are some of your favorite shots you’ve taken? 

Anywhere where the light lends itself nicely to the subject! The Shard is a great place to mix a view with a silhouette, any archway or two makes for great natural framing. Sometimes a reflection really adds a new dimension and others the view, setting, or the person says everything.  

Interview by Jack Sommer

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