Vincent Law

Vincent Law

Introduce yourself.

My name is Vincent Law, age 40. I grew up in Hong Kong when I was young, and then immigrated to Vancouver and pretty much stayed in Canada for many years until moving back to Hong Kong for my work. I started out as a web designer, then a magazine publisher, and eventually now as an industrial designer.

How’d you start in photography?

 My first experience with photography was black and white film on Minolta camera 20 years ago. I have stopped photography for several years when I had to focus on my designing work. I restarted my photography 3 years ago when I felt uninspired in making new products. Then one day, my friend asked me to start instagramming. Since then, I just cannot stop taking photos. I would use whatever equipment I had on hand, iPhone, film cameras, DSLRs, rangefinders, etc.

How do you feel your environment impacts your work?

 In Hong Kong, it's so easy to spot tall buildings. However, I always find interesting on how busy the street is and how people actually fit into the surroundings. In particular, I like finding person against a simple background or person in relationship with other subjects. While I travel to places with less architecture and people, I would love to find details on nature, water, and texture.

You have a very minimal style. How come you prefer to shoot this way?

I am a strong believer on graphic representation of the image. I love putting spaces around the subject so it can be more dramatic. I wouldn't classify my images as pure minimalism, but a minimal look could easily draw attention from the viewer to the subject.

Favorite song?

I like a variety of genres. In particular I love electronic from Japan, some alternative, and occasionally Chinese pop songs. In general, I like songs that mix with different instruments and different genres together. I am currently listening to Minimal Affection by The Vaccines, Close the Dam by Shaun Ryder, Another One by Mac Demarco, Paper Boat by Belle and Sebastian, Try by Colbie Caillat, Music by Sakanaction (Japanese), and Hello by CAPSULE (Japanese).

Favorite food?

I am not a picky person when it comes to food.  I like sushi, guacamole, really spicy food, pho (vietnamese noodles), coffee, pineapple, apple pie, sake, crepes, & San Pellegrino.

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