Rose Saquillo

Rose Saquillo

You have one of the most colorful galleries I've seen, what is usually your process before capturing an image? And what usually attracts you to these kinds of shots?

I’m a freaky color magnet. I’m drawn to color in unusual places. If it makes me smile or think “that’s weird,” I take the shot.

Your little man is a huge part of many of your posts, capturing his childhood and his growth. How fun is it to shoot with him and capturing all those fun images? And how did the brilliant idea of showing your followers how he looked a year prior to that date by using hashtags, come about?

Re-discovering childhood and capturing my son's quirks are part of the gifts I get as a mom. My life goal is to never grow up, and he's helping me achieve that.

I started the #thenandnow_gummyting hashtag a couple of years ago to document change. I seemed to take the same paths around the city so I started shooting subjects I’d posted before, and my followers found it pretty cool. Whether it’s a change in season or a building being torn down, it reminds us that photographs have this amazing power to document the effects of time. It was just natural that I'd include my son.

How has Toronto, Canada helped or impacted your work?

I've become more observant of things people would normally overlook. I'm not a rebel by any means (I'm too picky to get a tattoo!) but I tend to post perspectives of Toronto you don't see as often. Before Instagram, I don’t think I realized how colorful and full of character Toronto is. It’s rewarding when someone comments that I make Toronto look so cheerful. 

How do you like the weather in Toronto, CA?

The weather’s been unpredictable lately but I don't like to complain about it. I always think of worse things that could happen, like I could be in the eye of a hurricane or being chased by a tornado, and that cheers me up.

What are your favorites shoes to wear?

I’m all about comfort, so I love me some sneakers. 

What is one of your guilty pleasures at the moment? (a show, food, apps, anything) 

How many times can one listen to Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

A lot.

Interview by Kevin De Los Santos

Kevin De Los Santos