The first year we did a setup more like a traditional magazine. Twelve issues were released, one at the end of each month. All designed from a college dorm room. 


Despite being well received in the first year, we decided to take a risk anyway and move towards a different type of site. While away in London, studying abroad, Sommer designed the new site and it was done within the upcoming months. The end of April came with a change in season and the launch of the updated site in combination with a new issue. That year, three other issues would be released - making for a quarterly turn from their previous monthly output.

"I Recently Went To An Architecture Photography Exhibition At The Barbican Where Photography Wasn't Strictly Speaking Allowed And Became Kind Of Obsessed With The Some Light And Shadows In A Corner Created By The Existing Concrete Structure Of The Gallery And A Temporary Structure Built To House A Part Of The Exhibition. I Took A Couple Of Shots That Were Basically Slices Of Light And Dark In Differing Triangular Patterns That Were Super Simple Compositionally But I Thought Were Beautiful. I Felt Proud Of Those. I Was Also Quite Happy With A Series Of Photos I Did Of A Friend's Studio In East London. He's A Painter / Collage Artist And His Studio Was Such A Direct, Physical Expression Of His Work And His Personality. He's Used One Of The Photos I Took As The Cover For The Invitation For His Next Exhibition In London, Which I'm Childishly Pleased About. Because I Don't Think Of Myself As An Artist, But Am Fascinated By Art (In All Its Forms) And Artists, It's A Huge Validation When Someone I Think Of As Creative And Artistic Likes My Pictures. I Think The Thread That Runs Through All The Pictures That I'm Proudest Of Is Not Necessarily Subject Matter, But The Fact That I Feel Most Stimulated When I'm Creating Images Of Things Or Ideas That Are Related To My Non-photographic Passions, E.g. Visual Art And Dance." - D.B

Article Selects

While the biggest part of the magazine and site are our Interviews, we also do put articles out as well. Contributors have written for Ludique from around the world.

A couple handfuls of these articles appear below for your reading pleasure. To see the article itself, click the title.

Stasha's Moment

The contributor and columnist with us from day one. Her son, Little J, and two dogs, Max and Bruce, are constant fixtures in her columns (and her life!). She always brings a new perspective to Ludique and is currently based out of Tokyo (usually a Washington resident - hence her @northwestmommy name on Instagram). Below are four of the more recent columns that Stasha has done, out of her nearly twenty overall. 


We put out some more issues on the site earlier in the year, but then we decided to go for more of an experiment in the Fall. In this time period, and currently is still the case, people get more information now from social media than websites. So we thought about if the publication model was being made from scratch today, why wouldn't all the content just be published directly to social media? Being that Instagram is the strongest visual platform, and that we also have the majority of our audience there, we decided to try out this way of thinking. For the rest of the year and into the next, we put out our content strictly through our Instagram account and designed it specifically for it, too.

Ludique Spring 2015 - Baseball Jersey Editorial

Ludique Spring 2015 - Baseball Jersey Editorial

Ludique Spring 2015 - Baseball Jersey Editorial

Ludique Fall 2015 - Hat/Bag Editorial

Ludique Fall 2015 - Hat/Bag Editorial


"I’ve Lived In Seattle For About Nine Years Now, But I Would Say That My Move Here Is What First Lead Me To Pursue Photography. I Moved To Seattle At A Weird Time In My Life, Between Junior And Senior Year Of High School. I Didn't Know Anyone. I Spent A Lot Of Time To Myself Trying To Deal With The Change From Southern California To The Pacific Northwest. With That Came A Lot Of Free Time To Myself, And Walking Around With A Camera In A Neighborhood I Didn't Know. For Our Senior Project At My High School We Pretty Much Got To Do Whatever We Wanted. I Was Fortunate Enough To A Have Mentor That Helped Me With Understanding The Basics Of Photography: Framing, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed. All The Fundamentals. I’m Forever Grateful For Everything He Taught Me, Because It’s Guided And Helped Me Love The Medium To This Day. Growing Up In Southern California Was Very Different To How It Is Up Here In The Northwest. The Town I Grew Up In Was About Forty Minutes North Of Los Angeles, In A Suburb That Was Essentially What You Would Expect From A "Baby-boomer" Sort Of Town. Like I Said, I Moved At A Pretty Weird Time In My Life, I Was About To Turn Seventeen." - T.C


Photo Of The Day Series

Going off the Instagram series of content prior, we tried out a new experiment for the early and middle section of the year based around featuring one photo each day and making sure the individuals in each were properly highlighted. These were again designed specifically for the 'gram and made to reflect a modern magazine style. It also was done in coordination with Instagram's layout changing from their past blue-highlighted design to their clean black-and-white layout (although the designs were actually done first, but they weren't posted until right when the switch happened so it worked out perfectly in favor, making for a seamless mix).

Our Current Version

Launched in September of 2016, this is our new baby. We wanted to add some more color into the pages and provide a new way for people to experience the content. Hope you enjoy!